Membership and Tuition Fee to rise January 1, 2024

As you know, it is no surprise that ILR has had to face increases in services and costs to maintain the organization with a declining membership. In order to continue to provide high-quality classes and ensure the survival of our organization, we had to make a difficult decision to raise our fees.  The 2024 budget approved by members who attended the Semi-Annual Meeting and Holiday Tea event reflect these fee increases.

Effective January 1, 2024, Membership fee will now be $45 dollars. A one-session class will be $10, a 2-session class will be $15 and a class with 3 or more sessions will be $20. Those of you who have a Membership expiring in the next 60 days can renew now and avoid the Membership fee increase.

We appreciate your loyalty and continued support of ILR. Your contributions not only in fees, but in volunteering your time are our lifeblood. Thank you and we wish you a Very Happy New Year.

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